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Re: Conqueror Acoustic (1970~1974) ??
Posted by Don on Mon - Nov 24 - 10:40am:

In Reply to: Conqueror Acoustic (1970~1974) ?? posted by Andy Phillips on Mon - Nov 24 - 10:32am:

Andy Phillips wrote,
: In '74 I bought a Conqueror D-17 acoustic guitar
: and still have it today.
: It's a gorgeous piece and still in mint condition
: - spruce top, rosewood sides and back with a
: spruce inlay between the two rosewood back panels,
: as does the bottom of the guitar at the strap peg.
: The neck is mahogany, has a rosewood FB with pearl
: dots. The binding is cream colored. The bridge is
: adjustable with two thumb screws, one on either
: side of the strings.
: It's very well-made and plays as good as any
: high-end guitar I've ever tried. but I've never
: seen another one like it, or ever heard of the
: brand.
: Does anyone know anything about this name?
: Thanks much.
: Andy Phillips
: phillipsac@bwwonline.com


The info below was lifted directly from Steve's piece on Bruno Conqueror guitars on the website, BTW, Steve and I both own Conqueror Semi-Acoustics and love 'em.

C. Bruno & Son was founded in Macon, Georgia in 1834 and the company has been in the music distribution business up until the present day (they are currently a part of Kaman Music Corporation). In 1838, Charles Bruno and C.F. Martin entered into a partnership to produce and distribute acoustic guitars that only lasted one year. These acoustic guitars are labeled with both names, and were produced in New York. Throughout their history, Bruno musical instruments were manufactured by other companies and then distributed by C. Bruno & Son. In the 1960's, Bruno imported their instruments from Japanese manufacturers. Based on the pickups, neck plate and tuners of this instrument, I believe it was made by Arai and Company (compare it to my Arai Diamond). The guitar is a very well crafted three-tone sunburst hollow body that bears a striking resemblance to a Gibson ES-335. It has two single coil pickups controlled by two volume and two tone controls via a 3-way pickup selector switch. The body, f holes, neck and headstock are completely bound. The selector switch and headstock are covered with the same red tortoiseshell plastic used for the pickguard. The neck is made from 2 pieces of wood joined at the truss rod channel and attaches to the body with four bolts. The fretboard is rosewood. The top and back of the body are each made from a single slab but I haven't been able to identify the type of wood used yet. The bridge is fully adjustable. (Historical Information provided by Mike Longworth, Martin Guitars)

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