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Vintage Guitars For Sale
Most Softcover Books can ship for $8.00. The heavier Counter Catalogs can ship for $10.00 - $12.00 depending on size and weight
Bizarre Guitars of the 60'sBizarre Guitars is the primary reference source for identifying Japanese import guitars of the 60's. Published by Rittor Music in 1993, Bizarre Guitars is long out of print and will not be reprinted by Rittor according to an email exchange I had with a company representative about a year ago. The book is lavishly illustrated with guitars produced by Guyatone,Teisco,Kawai,Yamaha,Firstman,Aria,Zen-On and Ibanez as well as many other lesser know manufactures. The book also features guitars by European and American manufactures such as EKO,Vox,Burns,Hagstrom,Micro-Frets,Danelectro. Although the text is in Japanese, the models and dates on the guitars represented are in English. This book is a "must have" resource for any 1960's import guitar aficionado.$225Steven
Guitar Stories Vol. 1Outstanding out of print reference book written by Michael Wright. Over 1,100 photographs with over 100 in full color. Manufacturers covered include Premier, Gilbert Stiles, Kapa, 1960's Japanese import guitars, Ibanez, Kustom, La Baye, EKO, Hondo, Gretch, Gibson, S.D. Curlee, Dean, Renaissance, O'Hagen and Peavey. The book has 310 pages. Condition is EX-. Has a couple of bumped corners and a little shelf wear along the edge of the spine. All inside pages are clean and unbent. I think this book is actually harder to find than Bizarre Guitars. Outstanding reference.SoldSteven
Guitar Graphic Vol. 1Another outstanding out of print reference book published by Rittor Music. The book is essentially organized around famous Japanese guitar collections and is profusely illustrated with color photographs. Features rare guitars produced by Atlansia, Burns, Fender, Ferrington, Goya, Guyatone, Ibanez, Mosrite, Teisco, Tokai, Wandre, Yamaha and many others. Interviews (in Japanese) with Dan Armstrong, Larry Dimarzio, Danny Ferrington, Jerry Jones, Hank Marvin and several Japanese collectors included. Also includes photos of a 1962 Kay catalog. The book has 340 pages. Condition is excellent with all decals and inserts present. I think this is the best volume of the Guitar Graphic Series.Sold OutSteven
1968 Grossman Music Counter CatalogThis is a 708 page encyclopedia of instruments and accessories of the period. Includes drums, percussion, band instruments, fretted instruments, harmonicas, and a vast array of musical accessories. Guitar brands represented are Harmony (full line), Supro (full line), Elger, Martin, Aria acoustics, Mayfair and Crestline. Condition is excellent with a couple of notable exceptions. Someone razored out a drum kit picture (2x3 inches) on one page. The following drum page also has a much smaller square piece removed. This razoring genius also cut a small square out of the Mayfair guitar page which doesn't affect the pictures on the front side but removes a small strip through two guitar pictures on the back side.$119Steven
1973 U.S. Musical Merchandise Counter CatalogThis catalog is 368 pages of instruments and accessories. Guitar Catalogs include Harmony (full line), Sekova (full line), Encore, Aria acoustics and Engelhardt basses. Other notable catalogs include DeArmond pick-ups, Alamo Amps and Hohner harmonicas. Very Good condition with some rubbing along the spine of the cover and a few price changes in pen on some of the accessories pages. Nothing too annoying.$119Steven

American Guitar Catalogs For Sale

Vintage Guitars For Sale
All catalogs ship in a new, moisture-resistant Photomailer. First Class shipping cost is $4.00
1986 American Showster FlyerA one page flyer that is most definitely suitable for framing. Excellent condition with a staple puncture in the upper left corner.$8Steven
1947 Bob West/Harmony Guitar CatalogAs it says on the cover, "Bob West is radio's favorite guitar artist." Bob West promoted Harmony instruments in the late 40's and this 12 page catalog features both instruments and accessories. Condition is only fair with a 2"x3" patch of water damage in the upper right corner that penetrates all pages. Still not bad for a 58 year old catalog. Has a one and a half cent stamp attached for postage.$30Steven
2002 Baker Guitar Brochure2002 was the last year Gene Baker offered his high quality guitars for sale. After closing his doors, Ed Roman bought the Baker USA tradename and began selling lower cost Baker guitars in 2004. Here is an opportunity to own a rare, original Gene Baker catalog. This is an four page brochure from the last year of production. Condition is Excellent.SoldSteven
1984 Charvel Guitar BrochureThis is a six page brochure with a picture of Charvel employees on the back cover. Has normal scuffs and dents.$50Steven
1986 Charvel Guitar CatalogThis Full Line 24 page color catalog has moderate rub wear to the covers but is clean inside. Guitar models 1 through 6 and Bass models 1-3.$25Steven
1995 San Dimas Charvel Guitar BrochureThis is an eight page catalog with a picture of Charvel employees on the back cover. Has one hard crease across the top corner and four binder punch holes.$30Steven
1996-97 Conklin Custom Guitar and Bass CatalogSixteen pages of beautiful, handmade Conklin instruments. Nice pictures of the shop as well. Excellent condition.$20Steven
1999 Danelectro Reissue Guitar BrochureThis four page brochure contains all those great reissues of Danelectro classics. Very clean condition with one dent on the top edge.$17Steven
1989 Epiphone Guitar CatalogThis 8 page catalog features the Pro I, I-Series, and S-Series as well as the Les Paul, Chet Atkins and Howard Roberts signature series. Condition is Excellent.$18Steven
1996 Ernie Ball Musicman Guitar CatalogTwelve pages of Ernie Ball flagship models and specs. Condition is Excellent.$23Steven
1998 Ernie Ball Musicman Guitar CatalogThis 20 page Ernie Ball catalog features all the classic EB designs. Condition is Excellent.$20Steven
1980 Gibson Full Line Guitar CatalogThis 64 page catalog is really more of a book. Exhaustive full color documentation of Gibson's 1980 guitar and banjo line-up. Beautiful. Condition is very good with a small price sticker on the upper left front cover.$35Steven
1994 G&L Guitar CatalogThis 8 color catalog is a "must have" for G&L guitar aficionados. Condition is excellect except for one hard crease on the lower left corner of the back cover.$20Steven
1978 Gretsch Guitar BrochureThis is an eight page catalog featuring the White Falcon as well as all the variations of Chet's guitars. Has normal scuffs and dents.$45Steven
1985 Jackson Guitar BrochureThis 6 page color brochure has a little rub wear to the covers but is clean inside. Cool guitars. Great group photo of the Grover Jackson production team on the back coverSoldSteven
1994-95 Jackson Guitar CatalogClassic Jackson designs in all their glory. This 28 page color catalog has moderate denting and a couple of bumped corners but overall is in great condition.$28Steven
1996 Jackson Guitar CatalogThis 24 page catalog is jam packed with new models and new finishes that debuted in 1996. Of course the star of the show is the Roswell Rhoads featured on the cover and in a two page spread in the custom guitars section. This aluminum beauty embodies the Jackson theme " If you can dream it, we can build it". The catalog's only flaw is a small scrape in the upper left side of the cover.SoldSteven
1994 Jerry Jones BrochureThis 4 page brochure features the Shorthorn, Longhorn, Single Cutaway and Baritone Danelectro reissues JJ does so well. Condition is Excellent.$15Steven
1998 Lakland Basses with Pricelist and InsertsBeautiful bass guitars from this Chicago based bulider. Excellent condition.$25Steven
1997 Mirage Dealer FlyersThree Mirage flyers with pictures and specs on the front and commentary extolling the virtues of the instrument on the back. Cool guitars. Condition is excellent.$17Steven
1982-83 M.V. Pedulla Guitar Catalog with PricelistThis Full Line 8 page color catalog showcases the beautiful guitars Michael produced in his old shop in Weymouth, M.A. A great guy that continues to produce outstanding instruments 30 years after selling his first production guitar in 1975. Condition is excellent.$40Steven
1986 M.V. Pedulla Bass FlyerThis is a one page flyer with a picture of Pedulla basses on the front and specs on the back. Has two folding creases where it was folded for mailing.$15Steven
1983 O'Hagan Guitar Brochure with PricelistThis 6 page color brochure contains the somewhat demented Shark series as well as O'Hagan's more traditionally inspired creations. The brochure has been punched for a 3 ring binder and has a bend along the upper right corner$30Steven
1989 Paul Reed Smith Guitar CatalogA Classic PRS catalog. A full 16 pages of PRS guitars from the glory days of the company. Excellent condition with some light denting.$60Steven
2000 Paul Reed Smith Guitar CatalogThis 26 page color catalog features all the PRS 2000 models. Paul is certainly one of the greatest guitar designers of all time. Excellent condition.$25Steven
2001 Paul Reed Smith Guitar CatalogBeautiful 26 page color catalog featuring all the PRS 2001 models. Excellent condition.$20Steven
1980's R.A. Gresco BrochureRoger Gresco was the guy Ibanez hired to do their USA Custom Guitar line in the 1990's. Instruments from his company in the 80's are as rare as this brochure. Help yourself to a brochure that doesn't come by every day. Condition is good with some moderate denting at the bottom.$40Steven
1998 Tom Anderson Guitar CatalogThis 20 page color catalog is an excellent resource for Tom Anderson guitars. In addition to pixs and specs of all the TA flagship models, the catalog provides information concerning wood selection, production standards, etc. that should be of interest to any Tom Anderson devotee. The catalog in in Excellent condition$28Steven
1982 Vega CatalogThis Full Line 6 page color catalog has been punched for a 3-ring binder, otherwise it is in excellent condition.$25Steven
1980 Veillette-Citron Guitar Catalog Joe Veillette and Harvey Citron were at the forefront of boutique instrument design in 1980. Unfortunately musicians were still coveting the traditional brand names and their New York shop closed in 1982. Their stunning guitars and basses are highly sought after by high-end collectors today. Own a piece of boutique guitar history. This 6 page fold-out brochure has a fold down the middle where it was placed in an envelope for mailing and moderate impact denting.$45Steven
1980 Washburn CatalogThis Full Line 16 page color catalog has a little rub wear to the covers but is clean inside. Cool guitars.$30Steven
1986 Zon Bass Guitar Catalog and Dealer InsertsThis 6 page Zon brochure is accompanied by 6 pages of dealer information including a price list, reviews and ads. It is in very clean condition with a few dents around the edges.$25Steven

European Guitar Catalogs For Sale

Vintage Guitars For Sale
All catalogs ship in new, a moisture-resistant Photomailer. First Class shipping cost is $4.00
1967 Baldwin Full Line Guitar CatalogI think this is one of the best catalogs produced in the 60's. Classic late 60's fashions and sensibilities with one of the most widely recognized centerfold photos in guitar catalog history. The catalog is oversized (7.5x13.75 inches) and full of beautiful color photos of Baldwin guitars, amplifiers, banjos and keyboards. Condition is excellent except for writing on 3 pages. The front cover has "store copy" written in ink. One of the of the cartoon pictures inside has an arrow with a person's name and another has a voice bubble that a bored shop employee added on a slow day. Both of these are in pencil and could be removed if desired. There is a price list taped to the inside back cover.$75Steven
1991 Blade Guitar CatalogThis 6 page brochure features the R1 thru R4 as well as the T2 and B3-B4 series. Condition is excellent with minor denting.$20Steven
1980 Burns Guitar CatalogThis 8 page catalog features the "Jim Burns Story" as well as the Scorpion and Steer guitars. Also contains the Steer 50 and Snake amplifiers. Condition is excellent.$45Steven
1982 Burns Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure features Blondie bandmates Deborah Harry and Chris Stein posing with Jim Burns on the cover. Condition is excellent.$40Steven
1965 EKO Full Line Guitar CatalogGreat catalog from the heyday of EKO guitars. Condition is excellent.$55Steven
1982-83 EKO Guitar BrochureThis 6 page brochure is in Good condition. It's only flaw is the double punched three ring binder holes.$25Steven
1994 Lag Guitar CatalogThis 12 page catalog is in excellent condition. It features the Rockline, Blues, Beast, and Roxanne Series guitars.$30Steven
1993-94 Patrick Eggle Guitar CatalogYes folks, he is the PRS of Europe. This 8 page catalog is in Great condition with only a few moderate dents.SoldSteven
1994-95 Patrick Eggle Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure has some bending around the edges and some denting but is in Good condition.$17Steven
1966 Vox Poster Style Guitar and Amplifier CatalogThis 4 page poster-stlye catalog measures 22x14 inches. What's there to say? It's 1966, it's the Beatles, and it's Vox. Does it get any better? Condition is excellent with a small dent in the upper right corner and folding creases typical of these brochures.$65Steven

Asian Guitar Catalogs For Sale

Vintage Guitars For Sale
All catalogs ship in a new, moisture-resistant Photomailer. First class shipping cost is $4.00
1977 Aria Pro II Masterpiece Prototype brochureThis four page brochure is in EX- condition. It's only flaw is the double punched three ring binder holes.$30Steven
1984 Aria Pro II Catalog with PricelistThis Full Line 12 page catalog features some great Aria guitars including the PE,TA,RS,XX,U, and ZZ series just to name a few. My favorites are the Urchins and the super funky Super Twin doubleneck guitar. Includes Aria effects and amps. Has normal scuffs and dents & the lower right corner has been bent.$45Steven
1985 Aria Pro II CatalogThis Full Line 18 page color catalog has a slight compression dent on the middle bottom edge, otherwise, it is in excellent condition. $40Steven
1995-96 Fernandes Guitar CatalogThis Full Line catalog contains both Fernandes guitars and HiWatt amps. Nice guitars and an excellent description of how the "sustainer" works. Excellent condition.$20Steven
1970 Greco CatalogThis is a 4 page color catalog with a torn upper right corner. Otherwise in excellent condition.$30Steven
1985 Hondo Creations CatalogThis Full Line 12 page color catalog is in excellent condition and features Hondo's infamous machine gun guitar.$35Steven
1976 Ibanez Artist CatalogJust an outstanding catalog. Highlights include the three pre Iceman Artists and the heavily inlayed 2676. A really nice early Ibanez catalog that is tough to come by. Condition is excellent with light denting and three punch holes.$65Steven
1978 Ibanez Guitar CatalogI know an Ibanez guitar collector that considers this 36 page catalog the best Ibanez has ever produced, and they have produced some good ones. The 1978 edition features the Artist, Musician, Concert, Performer, Iceman and Acoustic-Electric models, along with Signature models from George Benson, Bob Weir, and Gerry Beckley. You also get a first look at the very collectible Paul Stanley PS10. Full specs are shown for each guitar. Condition is Good- with the main issue being a clean split down the entire length of the spine. This has resulted in the front and back cover separating from the remainder of the catalog. The inside pages have some impact denting but are bright and clear. It's all there and available at a reduced price.$40Steven
1978 Ibanez Guitar CatalogAnother 1978 Ibanez Catalog in Excellent condition. It's only flaw is a bit of rubbing on the front cover.$65Steven
1980 Ibanez Artist FlyerThis flyer features the AS100 and AS200 as well as a picture of Patrik Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. Condition is fair with several creases and one 3/4 inch tear.$23Steven
1985 Ibanez Guitar CatalogA beautiful 48 page Ibanez Catalog in excellent condition. Nuff said.$32Steven
1988 Ibanez Guitar CatalogThis 32 page color catalog features full page portraits of Ibanez's endorsers as well as a heap of outstanding guitars. There is a 1 inch water stain on the front cover but all the inside pages are clean$28Steven
1977 Memphis Guitar CatalogThis Full Line 12 page color catalog has been punched for a 3-ring binder and has a few compression creases on the cover. It is in good condition.$35Steven
1973 Sekova Guitar CatalogThis 8 page color catalog covers Sekova's acoustics and their great electric copies of Gibson and Fender designs. Condition is excellent with two horozonal folds from being sent in an envelope and a couple of bumped corners.$35Steven
1985-86 Tokai Guitar CatalogClassic Full Line Tokai catalog with Stevie Ray on the cover. This copy is only in fair condition. It has a loose cover split halfway up the seam, heavy denting, three punch holes and a 2 inch tear on the bottom of page 5. Priced accordingly.$28Steven
1982 Vega CatalogThis Full Line 6 page color catalog has been punched for a 3-ring binder, otherwise it is in excellent condition.$25Steven
1984 Westone Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure contains the Thunder Jets, Concorde III, Spectrum II&III, Prestige 117-217 and the "new" Raider Series. Condition is excellent.$25Steven
1985 Yamaha Guitar CatalogThis 20 page catalog contains the SBG, SE, SJ, BB, SA and AE Series guitars. Excellent color photographs. This copy has been punched for a 3 ring binder and has water damage on the lower right corner. The damage affects the inside front cover and the ajoining page where a 1.5 inch section of printed surface has been lost. None of the actual guitar pics or descriptions are affected. Priced accordingly.SoldSteven

Acoustic Guitar Catalogs For Sale

Vintage Guitars For Sale
All catalogs ship in a new, moisture-resistant Photomailer. First Class shipping cost is $4.00
1998 Lakewood Acoustic Guitar BrochureFour pages of acoustic guitar bliss from this German builder. If Dave Matthews endorses them who's to argue? Excellent condition.$15Steven

Amplifier Catalogs For Sale

Vintage Guitars For Sale
All catalogs ship in a new, moisture-resistant Photomailer. First Class shipping cost is $4.00
1998 Cesar Diaz Amplifier BrochureCesar Diaz was an icon in the sound of rock & roll and served as a technical consultant for the likes of G.E. Smith, Stevie Ray, Clapton, Keith Richards and Neil Young. Check the Web for the full story. This four page brochure is in excellent condition. $45Steven