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Books For Sale
Most Softcover Books can ship in a box Priority Mail in the U.S. for $14.00.
Bizarre Guitars of the 60'sBizarre Guitars is the primary reference source for identifying Japanese import guitars of the 60's. Published by Rittor Music in 1993, Bizarre Guitars is long out of print and will not be reprinted by Rittor according to an email exchange I had with a company representative about a year ago. The book is lavishly illustrated with guitars produced by Guyatone,Teisco,Kawai,Yamaha,Firstman,Aria,Zen-On and Ibanez as well as many other lesser know manufactures. The book also features guitars by European and American manufactures such as EKO,Vox,Burns,Hagstrom,Micro-Frets,Danelectro. Although the text is in Japanese, the models and dates on the guitars represented are in English. This book is a "must have" resource for any 1960's import guitar aficionado.$225Steven
Guitar Stories Vol. 1Outstanding out of print reference book written by Michael Wright. Over 1,100 photographs with over 100 in full color. Manufacturers covered include Premier, Gilbert Stiles, Kapa, 1960's Japanese import guitars, Ibanez, Kustom, La Baye, EKO, Hondo, Gretch, Gibson, S.D. Curlee, Dean, Renaissance, O'Hagen and Peavey. The book has 310 pages. Condition is Excellent. Has a couple of bumped corners and a little shelf wear along the edge of the spine. All inside pages are clean and unbent. I think this book is actually harder to find than Bizarre Guitars. Outstanding reference.SoldSteven
Guitar Graphic Vol. 1Another outstanding out of print reference book published by Rittor Music. The book is essentially organized around famous Japanese guitar collections and is profusely illustrated with color photographs. Features rare guitars produced by Atlansia, Burns, Fender, Ferrington, Goya, Guyatone, Ibanez, Mosrite, Teisco, Tokai, Wandre, Yamaha and many others. Interviews (in Japanese) with Dan Armstrong, Larry Dimarzio, Danny Ferrington, Jerry Jones, Hank Marvin and several Japanese collectors included. Also includes photos of a 1962 Kay catalog. The book has 340 pages. Condition is excellent with all decals and inserts present. I think this is the best volume of the Guitar Graphic Series.Sold OutSteven
Classic Guitars of the '50sLaviously illustrated, out of print reference book published by Miller Freeman Books. Fifteen authors contributed to writing this survey of the electric guitars role in the musical revolution of the 1950's. The book is 14 chapters covering topics such as The Gibson and Fender Stories; Jazz, Country and Blues Guitars; American, European and Japanese Guitars; as well as a nice piece on Mail-Order Guitars. The authors include, Tony Bacon, Andre Duchossier, Tom Wheeler, Hiroyuki Noguchi, Michael Wright, Paul Trynka and Paul Day. The book is an oversized hardback with 88 pages. Condition is excellent.SoldSteven
The Guru's Guitar GuideAnother outstanding out of print reference book published by The Bold Strummer Ltd in 1990. Authored by Tony Bacon and Paul Day, this book was the precursor to the identification/price guides published today. The listings include the A to Z of 275 electric guitar brands as well as dating clues and terminology defined in pictures. A cool reference book that deserves a place in the library of every vintage guitar collector. Condition is good with bumped corners and normal handling wear. The book has 96 pages.SoldSteven
Stellas & StratocastersAn Anthology of Articles, Interviews and Columns written by Willie Moseley for Vintage Guitar Magazine. My favorite sections of this book are research columns and the interviews. A great compilation of Moseley's writing up to 1994. Out of print reference book published by Vintage Guitar Inc. Condition is very good with the exception of a flea bite along the lower edge of the front cover. The book has 275 pages.$35Steven

Counter Catalogs For Sale
The heavier Counter Catalogs ship for $14.00 in a Flat Rate Priority Box. I can ship Book Rate if you want to save money.
1947 David Wexler Counter CatalogThis catalog is 175 pages of musical instruments and accessories. Featured instruments include Cortini Accordions, Haynes-Schwelm Flute, Sanson French Horns, Wabash Stringed Instruments and Favilla Ukes. Condition is Good with some stray pencil marks on the front cover, and splitting along the upper and lower seam of the back cover. Inside pages are clean and tight.$75Steven
1968 Grossman Music Counter CatalogThis is a 708 page encyclopedia of instruments and accessories of the period. Includes drums, percussion, band instruments, fretted instruments, harmonicas, and a vast array of musical accessories. Guitar brands represented are Harmony (full line), Supro (full line), Elger, Martin, Aria acoustics, Mayfair and Crestline. Condition is excellent with a couple of notable exceptions. Someone razored out a drum kit picture (2x3 inches) on one page. The following drum page also has a much smaller square piece removed. This razoring genius also cut a small square out of the Mayfair guitar page which doesn't affect the pictures on the front side but removes a small strip through two guitar pictures on the back side.SoldSteven
1969 Eddie Bell Counter CatalogThis catalog appears to have been assembled in-house by Eddie Bell since the spine is stapled rather than bound. Guitar Catalogs include Harmony (full line), Ventura (full line), Gibson (home-made pages), Martin (home-made pages, Vega Banjos and Univox accessories and amplifiers. Other notable catalogs include DeArmond pick-ups and Kratt harmonicas. Very Good condition with one bent corner on the cover.$75Steven
1970 Sorkin Music Company Counter CatalogThis catalog is 373 pages of instruments and accessories. Guitar Catalogs include Harmony (28 pages), Hofner (16 pages), Egmond (7 pages), Premier (6 pages), Strad-O-Lin (2 pages), Marvel (2 pages), and Beltone (1 page). Amplifiers include Ace Tone, Premier and Marvel. The catalog also features Ace Tone and Multivox keyboards, Revere drums and DeArmond pickups. Condition is Very Good with a bright, unbroken spine, original inserts and no loose pages. The only flaws are a bumped lower right corner and a 2 inch tear on one of the drum pages in the back. You could split this catalog and sell the individual catlogs for twice what I'm asking; I just can't break these counter catalogs up.$119Steven
1973 U.S. Musical Merchandise Counter CatalogThis catalog is 368 pages of instruments and accessories. Guitar Catalogs include Harmony (full line), Sekova (full line), Encore, Aria acoustics and Engelhardt basses. Other notable catalogs include DeArmond pick-ups, Alamo Amps and Hohner harmonicas. Very Good condition with some rubbing along the spine of the cover and a few price changes in pen on some of the accessories pages. Nothing too annoying.$119Steven

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