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1953 Aristone by Besson Guitar CatalogArchtop, Flattop, Hawaiian and Ukulele's by this revered London Company. Also contains early Amplifiers and Accessories. Condition is Excellent with "October 1953" written in pencil on the front cover. A couple of price calculations in pencil on the back cover. Pricelist included.SoldSteven
1967 Baldwin Full Line Guitar CatalogI think this is one of the best catalogs produced in the 60's. Classic late 60's fashions and sensibilities with one of the most widely recognized centerfold photos in guitar catalog history. The catalog is oversized (7.5x13.75 inches) and full of beautiful color photos of Baldwin guitars, amplifiers, banjos and keyboards. Condition is excellent except for writing on 3 pages. The front cover has "store copy" written in ink. One of the of the cartoon pictures inside has an arrow with a person's name and another has a voice bubble that a bored shop employee added on a slow day. Both of these are in pencil and could be removed if desired. There is a price list taped to the inside back cover.SoldSteven
1991 Blade Guitar CatalogThis 6 page brochure features the R1 thru R4 as well as the T2 and B3-B4 series. Condition is excellent with minor denting.$20Steven
1994-95 Blade Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure features the California, Texas, Delta and Durango Models. Also contains a second 4 page sales brochure that has identical pictures but prices are listed. Condition is Near Mint.$20Steven
1975 Burns Flyte Bass Guitar FlyerThis is a single sheet flyer printed on the front side only. Features the bass version of the Flyte. RARE. Condition is very Good with double punched holes for a 3 ring binder.$45Steven
1980 Burns Guitar CatalogThis 8 page catalog features the "Jim Burns Story" as well as the Scorpion and Steer guitars. Also contains the Steer 50 and Snake amplifiers. Condition is excellent.$45Steven
1982 Burns Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure features Blondie bandmates Deborah Harry and Chris Stein posing with Jim Burns on the cover. Condition is excellent.SoldSteven
1993 Cheri Electric Guitars and Basses CatalogThis 32 page catalog has English descriptions of Guitars and Basses produced by this German builder. Condition is Excellent.$17Steven
1965 EKO Full Line Guitar CatalogGreat catalog from the heyday of EKO guitars. Condition is excellent.SoldSteven
1982-83 EKO Guitar BrochureThis 6 page brochure is in Good condition. It's only flaw is the double punched three ring binder holes.SoldSteven
1964 Framus Guitar CatalogThis is an 8 page catalog featuring the Western line of flat top guitars, Star Basses (Bill Wyman portrait included) as well as the 5/118, 5/115, the Sorento, Plectrum guitars, Banjos, Classic guitars, and 12 strings. Featured solidbody instruments are the Strato Super and the Strato de Luxe Series. Condition is Good with some fold creases in the upper right hand corner and slight paper loss in the upper right hand corner of the last page.$65Steven
1964-65 Framus Guitar BrochureThis is a 6 page brochure featuring the Electric Guitar and Bass Line Up. Condition is Very Good with a hard fold across the lower right corner of the front page.SoldSteven
1965 Framus International Guitar BrochureThis is a 6 page foldout brochure featuring the Atlantic line of thin-bodied electrics. Condition is Good -. The brochure has been punched for a 3 ring binder and has yellowed a bit over time. There is a little paper loss on the top two corners of the front cover and one of the seams is beginning to split at the top and bottom. Priced accordingly.$35Steven
1966 Framus Guitar CatalogThis 16 page catalog illustrates the full line of Framus instruments from 1966 in full color. Hollowbodies, Solidbodies, 12 strings, Western Acoustics, Classic Acoustics, Basses, Mandolins and even a Lute are featured. Condition is Very Good, it's only flaw is "1968?" written in pen on the front cover and and a crease across the lower right corner of the front cover.$75Steven
1966 Framus Guitar Catalog Color CopyI have a color copy of the 1966 Framaus catalog if someone wants the information without the expense of an original. Condition is clear and clean.$15Steven
1986-87 Gittler Guitar BrochureThis 4 page brochure is as rare as these unique instruments. If you own one of these guitars you must have this brochure. The guitars are selling for around $3,500 these days, you can get this catalog much cheaper. Condition is Very Good with a random dark mark (felt pen?)on the lower corner of the front cover that is not noticable.SoldSteven
1965 Goya Rangemaster Guitar FlyerThis double-sided Flyer features pictures and descriptions of "The worlds most advanced solid body guitar with revolutionary split pickups". Condition is Good with some paper loss at the top and bottom of the flyer. Nothing that extends much beyond the white borders. Two horizonal fold creases from mailing.$40Steven
1966 Goya Guitar Catalog with PricelistThis 10 page catalog and 2 page Price List features the Hollowbody Rangemaster, Hollowbody Panther, Solid Rangemaster and Panther II Bass. Beautiful color photos of the guitars. Condition is Excellent with some light creasing on the front cover.$99Steven
1971 Goya Guitar CatalogThis 08 page catalog features the Acoustics and all the Cool Hollowbody Electrics offered by Goya/Kustom in 1971. Classic, Folk and Hollowbody Electric Guitars are listed. Condition is Fair with some scratching on the front cover (like a dry pen scribble), creasing, and splitting along the top and bottom of the spine. Still very readable and solid. Priced accordingly.$35Steven
1968 Hagstrom Guitar CatalogThis 08 page catalog features the V-1, C-1, C-2, V-2, F-200, F300, F-400, as well as the Impala, Condor and Coronado IV. Acoustics, Electric 12 strings and the Hagstrom 8 string bass are featured as well. This oversized catalog is in Good condition except for some surface paper loss in the blue border of the front cover. The upper right corner is most affected. It has also been punched for a 3 ring binder.$55Steven
2000 Hofner Guitar CatalogThis 30 page catalog is in Excellent condition. Beautiful color photographs, a brief history of Hofner and several pictures of craftsmen building the instruments make this catalog a "must have" for any late model Hofner owner.$30Steven
2006 Hohner Guitar CatalogThis 30 page catalog is in Good condition with a moderate fold mark across the top.$5Steven
2003 James Trussart BrochureThis 04 page brochure features the Steelcaster, Deville, Brushed Steeltop and Steelphonic in a variety of Nickel and Rusty finishes. Condition is Good with a soft vertical crease and bumped corners.$30Steven
1981 Lado Foldout BrochureThis 06 page brochure features the Standard, Solo, Falcon, Super Falcon and Zebra Series instruments. Condition is Good with a crease across the lower-left corner.SoldSteven
1994 Lag Guitar CatalogThis 12 page catalog is in excellent condition. It features the Rockline, Blues, Beast, and Roxanne Series guitars.$30Steven
1990's Manson Guitar CatalogI'm not sure when in the 90's this 4 page catalog was produced. Features the Classic S and Classic T guitars. Condition is Good with moderate impact denting and a scrape on the front cover.$20Steven
1992 MK Guitar and Bass BrochureThis 6 panel fold-out brochure features the MK Classic, Tetra and P-Bass Guitars. German text. Excellent Condition$12Steven
1993-94 Patrick Eggle Guitar CatalogYes folks, he is the PRS of Europe. This 8 page catalog is in Great condition with only a few moderate dents.SoldSteven
1994-95 Patrick Eggle Guitar FlyerThis 2 page flyer has some bending around the edges and some denting but is in Good condition.$17Steven
1990 Santucci Treble-Bass FlyerThis double sided flyer features a picture and description of the Santucci bass on the back. If you own this Bass, you must have this flyer. This flyer is about as rare as the instruments. Condition is OK with heavy creasing at the top and a one inch tear at the fold.$25Steven
1985 Staccato Bass FlyerThis double sided flyer features a great color picture of the Staccato bass on front and a picture of Mick Jagger holding a 6 string Staccato on back. The bass was designed by Chris Jagger, and he's obviously included his brother to help with marketing. I like the caption under Mick's picture " Aspiring British guitarist says It even makes my playing sound good". This flyer is about as rare as the instruments. Condition is Excellent.SoldSteven
1966 Vox Poster Style Guitar and Amplifier CatalogThis 4 page poster-stlye catalog measures 22x14 inches. What's there to say? It's 1966, it's the Beatles, and it's Vox. Does it get any better? Condition Good although a couple of the folded seams have seperated. The poster was also folded and then punched for a 3 ring binder. Miraculously, the holes missed most of the pictures and text.$99Steven
1969 Vox Guitar and Amplifier CatalogThis 24 page catalog is "The New Sound for the New Scene". Artist pictures as well as all the guitars and amplifier pictures make this catalog a must have for any Vox enthusiast. Condition is Very Good with a short crease across the lower-right corner and light-moderate impact denting throughout.$115Steven

European Acoustic Guitar Catalogs For Sale

Priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation within the US is $6.00. Global Priority mail is $14.00 USD
1998 Lakewood Acoustic Guitar BrochureFour pages of acoustic guitar bliss from this German builder. If Dave Matthews endorses them who's to argue? Excellent condition.$15Steven

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