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American Vintage Guitar Sites

Alembic Japan
American Classics
Ampeg Scroll Basses
B.C. Rich Maniacs
Carvin Museum
San Dimas Charvels
USA Charvels
Dan Armstrong
The Unoffical Danelectro Page
Dan Guitars
Danelectro, Coral, Silvertone
Fender&Gibson @ 21 frets
Fender,Gibson&Gretsch @ Gary's Guitars
GAD's Guilds
Fender Bass VI
Fender Guitars at Fuzzfaced
Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster
Fenders @
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Bass
Gibson History @ Fox Guitars
Gibson Flying V
The Historic Les Paul Database
Gretsch Pages
Guilds of Grot
Guilds @ Guitars Galore
Guitar HQ
Harmony Database
Harmony @ Rothman's Guitars
Harvey Thomas Custom Guitars
Hamer Fan Club
Jackson/Charvel World
The KAPA Page
Kay Guitars
Vintage Kramer
Mosrite: Ventures
Mosrite: Last USA Years
Mosrite Owners List
National Guitars
Ovation Breadwinner
Ovation Collection
Ovation Fan Club
Miles's Ovation Solidbodies
Peavey Wolfgang Guitars
Björn's Rickenbacker Site
Robin Lovers
San Dimas Charvel
Silver Street
Silvertone World
Vintage Silvertone
Slingerland Stringed Instruments
Spector World
Steinberger World
Strat Central
Travis Bean
Valley Arts Guitars
Veleno Guitars
Vintage Guitars
Wurlitzer Guitars

European Vintage Guitar Sites

Burn's Guitars
Egmond Guitars
Framus Vintage Archive
German Archtops @ Jazzgitarren
German Guitars @ Schlaggitarren
Goya Guitars
Guitar Age
Hagstrom Company Page
Hagstrom UK Guitars
Hagstrom Vintage
Steve Russell's Hofner Site
Italian Guitars @ Fetish Guitars
Jacobacci Guitars
Jolana CZ
Jolana Guitars
Jacobacci Guitars (French Text)
Lag Guitars
Musikkeller (Vintage German Guitars)
Shergold Guitars
Signature Guitar Company
Sixties Guitars
Soviet Guitars @
Soviet Guitars
Vox Guitars
Wandre Guitars
Wilson Guitars

Japanese Vintage Guitar Sites

Aria: The Guitar Gallery
Burny History
Cortley Guitars
Daion's Online
El Degas
Drowning in Guitars
Electra Guitar Page
Fresher Guitars (Japanese Text)
Greco History
Studio Greco (Japanese Text)
Guitars Japan
Guyatone Guitars
Heartfield Central
Hoshino, Ibanez and Fujigen Guitars
H.S. Anderson Guitars
Ibanez Collectors World
Ibanez Guitars
Ibanez JEM @
Ibanez Rules
Ibanez Museum
Mr. Ibanez
Vintage Ibanez
Japanese Guitar Museum (Japanese Text)
The JV Chronicles
Kent Guitars
Made in Japan 60's Guitars
Music Trade Co
Old Guitar Japan
Orville History
Player On-Line (Japanese Text)
Stagg Guitars
Teisco Tone
Teisco Twangers
Tokai Registry
Vintage Japan Guitars (Spanish Text)
The Vintage Japanese Guitar Shop
Westone Guitars
World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Eclectic Guitar Collections

ArKay's Home
Arni's Lefthand Basses
Artichoke Guitars
The Fab Guitars of the Beatles
Alfons Lahaye Burns Collection
The Bass Page
Chasing Guitars
The Green Budda Collection
Guitare Collection
Guitar Compare
Guy Mackenzie Guitar Collection
Guitar Maniacs (German Text)
Junk Guitars by Big Beat
Leo'z Guitar'z featuring Charvels
Lord Bizarre's Museum
Sandro Oliva Collection
Steve Ekblad's Guitars
Metal Necks
Mine Gitarer
Mr. Legend's Guitar Collection
My Rare Guitars Site
National Music Museum
Rob Wesley's Guitar Collection
Ron's Vintage
Takahashi Guitars
Vintage Guitars UK
Vintage Instruments Museum
Vintage Rocker's American Guitars
Violin Basses of the World
Weird Vintage

General Guitar Information

12 String Bass
20th Century Guitar Magazine
Accordo (Italian Text)
Alan Ratcliffe: Guitar and Music Technology
All Things Guitar
Blue Book Publications
Bunny Bass
Excellent Leads
Elgitarrer (Swedish Text)
The Fretboard Journal
Gibson Catalog History
Gourmet Guitars
Guitar Amplifier Magazine
Guitar Catalogs
Guitar Collecting on a Budget
Guitar Compare
Guitar Geek
Guitar Nation
Guitar Nucleus
Guitar Player Magazine
The Guitar Sherpa Stringed Instrument Information
Guitar Site
Guitar TV
Guitar World Magazine
Gitarre & Bass Magazine (German Text)
Harmony Central
Legendary Tones
Modern Guitars Magazine
Play Like a Pro
Player On Line (Japanese Text)
Premier Guitar
Project Guitar
Rolf's Music Gear Information
Single Coil
The Tone Quest Report
Ultimate Guitar
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Vintage Guitar Pro
Guitar Wiki

Acoustic Guitar and Bass Information

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Acoustic Music
Bjarton Guitars
Vintage Cowboy Guitars
Early Romantic Guitars
Favino Guitar History
Ferris Guitar Information
Fretdancer Guitar Museum
The Grammer Guitar
Harp Guitars
Historic Spanish Guitar Makers
Kay Bass Information
Shiga Acoustic World
Martin Guitar History
Morris Guitars
Mossman Guitars
Museum of Musical Instruments
NBN Guitars
Selmer Guitar History
Stella Guitars
Terada Guitar
Vintage Cowboy Guitar Collection
Wurlitzer Musical Instruments Catalogs
Yamaha Dynamic Guitar Museum

Guitar and Bass Effects A Tone Encyclopedia
Axe...and you shall receive
Boss Effects
Carl Martin Effects
Cooper Sonic Effects
Danelectro Effects
Early Ibanez Effects
Echo Machines of the 60's
Electro-Harmonix (new)
Envelope Filters
Foxrox Electronics
Frantone Electronics
Full Tone
G2D Effects
Ibanez Tube Screamers
Jacques Stomp Boxes
Keeley Effects
Lehle Switching
Lock & Rock
Loco Box
Maxon FX
MJM Guitar FX
Mode Zero Catalog of Effects with Sound Files
Morley Pedals
Option 5
Real McCoy Custom
Red Telectronix
Subdecay Studios
Tel Ray
Tone Frenzy Gear Sound Files
The Tremolo Page
T-Rex Engineering
Voodoo Lab
Wah Wah Pedals
Z. Vex Effects

Vintage Guitar Care and Repair

Blue Guitar Schematics Page
Ed Roman's Tech Page
Guitar Attack
Guitar Care @
Music Industry How To
Guitar Electronics Wiring
Guitar Luthier Links Page
Guitar Nuts
Guitar ReRanch Refinishing
Guitar TV
Project Guitar
Potting Pickups

New Replacement Guitar Parts

Best Guitar Parts
EZPZ Parts
Frets On The Net
G.R. Guitars
Guitar Electronics
Guitar Fetish
Guitar Jones USA
Guitar Parts Resource
Guitar Parts USA
Mighty Mite
Mojo Musical Supply
Music Parts Plus
Parts is Parts
The Rickenbacker Page
Torres Engineering

Vintage Replacement Guitar Parts

Angela Instruments
Black Rider Vintage Guitars
Guitars Galore
Guitarville by Vegas
Hagstrom Parts
Rare Guitar Parts

Replacement Pickups and Pickup Repair

Bare Knuckle Pickups
Joe Barden Pickups
Bartolini Pickups
DiMarzio Pickups
EMG Pickups
Bill Lawrence Pickups
Harmonic Design Pickups
Hoag Optical Pickups
Kinman Pickups
Lace Sensor Pickups
Lollar Pickups & Repair
Lindy Fralin Pickups & Repair
Mike Turk Pickups
Rio Grande Pickups
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Stephens Design Pickups
Tesla Pickups
True Tone Technologies
TV Jones
WolfTone Pickups

Guitar Discussion Forums

The Acoustic Guitar Forum
The Alembic Club
The B.C.Rich Players Forum
Carvin Museum Forum
Cort Guitars USA Forum
Dean Guitar Forum
The Electra Forums
European Guitars Forum
The Fender Discussion Page
Fernandes Forum
The Fret Net Forum
Gibson Les Paul Forum
Gibson-Talk Discussion Forum
The Gretsch Discussion Forum
Let's Talk Guild Forum
Guitar Board
Guitar dotcom
The Guitar Gallery Forum
Guitar Note Forum
Guitar Site Forum
The Ibanez Forum
Ibanez Collectors World
Jackson/Charvel Forum
The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum
Offset Guitars Forum
Shred Guitars Forum
Takamine Forum
Talk Bass Forum
The Rickenbacker Forum
The Takamine Forum
The 13th Fret Acoustic Guitar Forum
The Telecaster Guitar Forum
The Time Guitar Forum
The Tokai Forum
Vox Talks Forum
Washburn Guitars Forum
Yamaha Talk Forum

Guitar Accessories

Italia Leather Straps
LeCover Amplifier Covers
Tuki Amplifier Covers

Guitar Instruction and Tabs

FretPlay Bass and Guitar Tabs
Learn to Play Guitar @
Guitar Scales
Guitar School
Guitar Tricks
Guitar TV
Jam Center
PJ's Guitar Chords and Lyrics
Musician War
Musicians News
Study Bass
Tune My Bass


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